Keep Asking

A free system that makes it easy to create, manage, and analyse the results of recurring surveys.


Constructive and timely feedback is important for any person or organisation seeking to improve. Surveys are an excellent tool for gathering feedback from large groups.

Managing recurring feedback surveys using existing survey platforms (such as Google Docs or SurveyMonkey) is time-consuming and stressful. Keep Asking uses automation to relieve these burdens and help respondents to build the habit of regularly providing feedback.

Keep Asking seeks to:

  • Empower surveyors to administer recurring surveys with minimal, constant-time effort.
  • Achieve high survey response rates without overly annoying respondents.


A schematic drawing of the Keep Asking workflow.

Use Cases for Keep Asking

Students throwing their mortarboards into the air

Teachers can use Keep Asking to learn how students react to your specific pedagogical choices and understand areas for instructor improvement.

Workers in an office

Company managers can use Keep Asking to analyse the impact of their leadership style and identify ways to improve management techniques.

Players in a sports team kneeling in a grassy sports field

Team organisers can use Keep Asking to understand what people think of your decisions and maximise the effectiveness of your work.

Keep Asking's Origin

Keep Asking was built in early 2018 by Sebastian Hallum Clarke as the capstone project of his undergraduate degree in computer science at Princeton University. In designing and creating Keep Asking, Sebastian was advised by Dr Jérémie Lumbroso.

Dr Lumbroso used Keep Asking with the students of his Princeton University Advanced Programming Techniques course.

For further information about Keep Asking you can read the project report, view the poster, or contact Sebastian.

The Keep Asking poster. See the linked poster.pdf.
A poster explaining the rationale and approach of Keep Asking.